About Us

Aberdeen Angus beef is our passion.

My wife Kate and I are fortunate to be surrounded by a strong culture of local food production in Rostellan, near Midleton, Co.Cork. From fishermen to vegetable growers, from artisan bakers to cheese makers, East Cork is a haven for food enthusiasts and a busy hub of the esteemed ‘Slow Food’ movement.

This movement increased our interest in food and led me to completing a speciality food course in University College Cork, which was mentored by Darina Allen and the Shanagarry Cookery School. Subscribing to the philosophy that farmers, restaurateurs and consumers can all glean huge benefits from a return to a less intensive form of agriculture, we are strong advocates of sustainable farming.

That’s why we participate in rural environmental schemes and initiatives that have helped us create a richer biodiversity on our farm. Furthermore, we’ve stopped using fertiliser – yet another step in strengthening our green credentials.

Our approach to farming is not only better for the environment, it also helps to enhance the quality of our beef. We work with local processors, including a local craft butcher. Using traditional craft techniques, he hang’s our Aberdeen-Angus beef for at least twenty-one days, ensuring maximum tenderness and flavour.

Commitment to traditional food production is important to us, and doesn’t stop at our gate. Just like in days gone by, we like to keep things entirely local.