Aberdeen Angus breed is now internationally recognised as one of the most celebrated sources of fine beef, originating in Scotland during the 1800s.

It’s the thin, delicate threads of white fat that are visible throughout our Aberdeen Angus beef that produce its succulent taste and flavour.

This signature ‘marbled’ effect is credited with ensuring that the meat remains tender and delicious. That’s because marbling offers a type of natural basting process that locks in the meat’s delicious juices.

The fat dissolves into the meat and makes it tender.

What’s more, when marbling is combined with the smooth, close-grained texture of Aberdeen-Angus beef, it creates a truly outstanding taste.

It’s the reason why chefs, restaurateurs and home-cooking enthusiasts are constantly seeking out our quality East Cork beef!
What makes our Angus beef taste so great?

  • 100% IRISH ABERDEEN ANGUS BEEF Direct from John Tait’s family run farm, overlooking Cork Harbour.
  • DRY AGED FOR 21 DAYS All our beef is hung on the bone for at least 21 days in the traditional manner!
  • 100% TRACEABLE Fully traceable from our farm to your Fork!
  • 100% NATURAL No artificial additives, colorings, flavorings, or preservatives.
  • FREE RANGE & GRASS FED Our Aberdeen Angus herd is free range and grass fed.
  • NATURALLY SUCCULENT Aberdeen Angus beef produces an incredibly succulent
    flavor on cooking due to it’s natural fat marbling throughout the meat.
  • 100% TASTE GUARANTEE Great flavour and mouth-watering tenderness.
    QUALITY APPROVED Under the Bord Bia Quality Assurance scheme.
  • LOW FOOD MILES Low carbon footprint. A local food from a local farm!
    Our meat does not travel half way around the world to your plate, this means we don’t clog up the roads and fill the planet with nasty CO2 greenhouse gas! Our modern butchery is located just five miles from our farm in East Cork. HAND-CRAFTED Each product is hand crafted using traditional craft butchery methods. We are committed to providing your family with only the very finest, most succulent, delicious, Irish Aberdeen Angus beef.
  • ANIMAL HUSBANDRY Traditional farming methods, compassionate animal husbandry, fresh air, fresh grass, and lots of sunshine, on the Irish coastline results in our Aberdeen Angus beef having leaner, more succulent, delicious meat!
  • MINIMUM PROCESSING We use minimum gentle handling of all beef to produce a more traditional, beef product for your family to enjoy!
  • ETHICAL We are committed to environmental management, recycling and improved animal welfare.